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Everyone needs it!

          Cosmetic procedures have been sought out by many people especially women and there are several new developments that have supported the field and it has been take into a better level these few years. There are so many micro and macro procedures that help solve the slightest issue and also the biggest of them. Serving several people who want to change the way they look is the chirurgie esthetique geneve clinic which has all the procedures that you can think of. The specialists here are one of a kind and they have been in the service for several years. The experts here are quite well sought after as they do a clean job of it and no one would be able to notice that a change in the system has been taken place.

Many procedures:

          The clinic at Geneva is very well known in the cosmetic surgery field and people flock to them from various corners of the country and abroad. They carry out all the new and innovative procedures and that is the reason why it is considered the one stop solution.

chirurige esthetique

The services:

          There is a huge list of services that they carry out and they are done in such a sophisticated manner that you will be amazed at the results. They have completely taken in many clients into their fold and they need not look for anything anywhere else. Clients are so satisfied with their work that ne clients are also making appointments regularly and the list is increasing. They carry out procedures such as:

  • Liposuction, breast reduction, breast augmentation, botox injections of the face, lipo sculpturing, correction procedures for lesion, aesthetic and cosmetic surgeries, abdominal wall and tummy tuck procedures, breast reconstruction, TCA procedures like peeling, vampire lift, eye lid surgery and many more procedures which are commonly sought after by many clients.
  • You can make an appointment with the doctor there by sending an email and you will receive immediate response from them. You can also send your phone number and they will get in touch with you at the earliest.
  • You can read the reviews given by their older clients and this will give you the confidence to approach the chirurgie esthetique geneve for all your beauty related issues that you might wanting a solution for.

Why to Watch MooduMukkaloCheppalante Movie Online?

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Many people are browsing online to watch the latest Telugu movies on aha, as there is no entertainment with all family members due to COVID 19 lockdown.  So, to stay at home, It is the best time to have family entertainment by watching online movies with all family members. Watch moodumukkalocheppalante online now on aha OTT platform.

When you decide to have entertainment hours with all the family members, watch moodumukkalocheppalante online, as it is without vulgar dialogues, lip locks, and bed scenes. In that sense, the movie “Moodumukkallocheppalante” is the right choice for the entire family.  The movie does not contain any adultery elements. It is with feel-good scenes, which are apt for family audiences.

On the online OTT platform aha, this Telugu movie is gaining its views irrespective of budget, star cast, commercial elements, etc. 

Cast & Crew: 

Starring:RakenduMouli, Aditi Chengappa, SP. Balasubrahmanium, Lakshmi, Brahmanandam, Ali, Tanikella Bharani

Story: ShashankVennelakanti

Screenplay, Dialogues & Direction:MadhumithaSudharaman

Music: Karthikeya Murthy

Editing: Kiran Kanti

Producers: SP. Charan


The Telugu movie “Moodumukkallocheppalante” produced by SP. Charan, son of singer SP. Balasubrahmanium.  The film contains many noted star actors like Brahmanandam, Tanikella Bharani, Ali, SP Balasubrahmanyam, and veteran actress Lakshmi. All characters have equal roles compared to the hero and heroine. The movie portrayed the Family entertainer genre, which included ingredients for the requirement of family entertainment. The film Moodumukkallocheppalante was released on 17th July 2015.


The main story is around Arjun (RakenduMouli), who is living with grandparents and passing the time with friends with an irresponsible attitude. Arjun is not having seriousness about his life and simply depending on his grandparents. What happens If his grandparents leave him and go to the US is the movie’s major story.

Reasons to Watch Moodumukkallocheppalante movie online:

The main reason to watch the “Moodumukkallocheppalante” movie is the star cast. All the artists are involved in their respective roles, and they depicted their roles only. RakenduMouli, who played the lead role as an irresponsible youngster with some silly punch dialogues. Aditi Chengappa (Anjali) played the female lead role.

The movie contains family drama and continues up to the climax with smooth treatment by the Director MadhumithaSudharaman. Director made this movie as watch worthy by building up family drama and continues up to climax and used all the actor’s performance up to the mark only. This movie will be more suitable for the family audience in the OTT platform than in theatres. Music, Editing, and narration will smoothly treat the audience well.

The main highlights of the movie are a few regular fun parts, interval bang, and the short length of the movie.

The movie is available on OTT platform aha in full HD format. Click here to watch Moodumukkallocheppalante movie online.


Tips for Moving Rental Trucks

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Moving trucks allow people to move all their belongings easily, not in a few round trips. This is beneficial in terms of cost savings, as it can be quite expensive when several trips are made between destinations. Driving with rented trucks is also the only way people should move if they are going to transport their belongings long distances. If you are moving from several cities from your original location or moving to a remote city, it is very important that people who use truck rental services carefully consider the trucking services that they ultimately choose.

Understanding more on rental trucks

Long before moving, potential carriers will want to take several hours to contact various truck suppliers to get estimates and price offers. The collected offers must be compared to see, which contributes to provide the best prices and satisfy the needs of consumers on the go. When you find a quality provider of moving truck rental services, it is best for the consumer to reserve moving trucks as soon as possible to ensure that the moving trucks are available by the date the transfer is scheduled.

In addition to comparing rates, services, and fees, a moving consumer will want to ask what equipment comes with a lease return trucks service. Sometimes special lifts and mobile cars come with rental cars. This last kit comes in handy when it comes time to move large items such as appliances and furniture, or large moving boxes. If the rental of a moving truck does not accompany these things, then the moving consumer may want to consider other rental car rental services. The moving consumer may go to other resources to get the necessary moving equipment.

lease return trucks

The consumer should carefully read the moving agreement on the way. Many rental truck rental locations require that they are returned to the company at a specific time, on a particular date, under certain conditions, and with a full tank. The last terms of the agreement are the sole responsibility of the consumer, and the consumer may be responsible for additional fees if the established conditions are not met. Also, the consumer is usually required to pay some insurance to cover any potential damage to property.


Another task that must be completed before signing the agreement is to check the rental of a moving truck. The consumer, together with the moving truck rental service provider, must carefully inspect the moving truck to record and document its condition. Things to look for include scratches, dents, rusty areas, broken parts, and the like. This ensures that the consumer on the road does not incur the costs associated with the vehicle’s damage before the consumer uses it for movement.