Osteoporosis is a condition where the bones become weak and get riskier to break easily. It is a condition where the bones lose their minerals and starts becoming thinner and weak, this condition is not noticeable. Be aware of these conditions as it is becoming common among women after menopause or their periods start getting irregular. If you notice any such small change in your body then do consult your doctor for the need for a bone density scan in Wayne, NJ.

If you notice a decrease in your height or you start getting a hump that is generally due to weak and reduced bone size. There is no need to worry about the scan as it is painless and reliable, it is just to know the density of bones and the doctor will recommend you some mineral intakes to get a little better with the condition. This is common when your hormone level decreases or you had an organ transplant. Many a time it is due to the intake of some specific drugs so do discuss it with your doctor for better treatment. If the issue is ignored for a longer period, it can lead to bone breakage with an easy fall. The test of bone density is generally taken through the bones of the spine, hip, and forearms as these bones get easily affected by osteoporosis. The doctor recommends stopping the calcium intake 24 hours before the test. You can get your bone density scan in Wayne, NJ.

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Taking care of bones after pregnancy and certain age becomes necessary for women especially and now this condition is becoming common among men also. If properly not taken care then a small fall can lead to severe bone damage and back pain as the spine density keeps on decreasing and a little back pressure can lead to severe pain and the pain lasts long without any other problem. Bones are necessary to keep us moving and so their care becomes necessary too, avoiding their proper care can be very dangerous.

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