You need to inspect the exterior part of the sued car as well as the interior parts. In different places, you will get different options. Like if you buy used cars in Yakima then you will get some different cars and discounts as compared to other places. After making sure that you have checked all the exterior area than the next step is to check for the interior area of the car.

Inspect the interior area

First look for the stains, rips, cigarette burns on the upholstery, and scratches on metal and plastic parts inside the car’s cabin. After this switch on the air conditioner and check for the airflow also. And make sure, if it has R134 coolant and cars with this should have a sticker depicting this on the condenser. Then check for the odometer reading and the kilometer run on the car should be relative to the age of the car. A 10 to 15 old car with less than 20k km run doesn’t need to be automatically good.

interior inspection

And the last step in the interior inspection includes switching on the ignition and check for the warning lights on the dashboard panel. You should also check all the other accessories like parking sensors and cameras.

Check for the lights and tires

You need to check for all lights, tail lumps, third brake lumps, and fog lamps. The tires generally show the complete picture of a car’s background when inspected carefully and check all the tires are of the same size. The wear and tear on the tire should be even across the width of the tire.

Now go on a drive

Make sure you are investing in a good vehicle is to take the car for a test drive and during that, check the brakes or gear shift mechanism. There should be also no serious pedal vibration, noises, or any squeaking of the brakes in the car you are buying. Make a sharp u-turn on a low speed to check for the rattling noises from this.

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