Commode– It is the most important and integral part of the bathroom. They come in different standard sizes (12’’ being common) and height (15’’, and 17’’). Costs for toilets start at $100 and can go as high as $1,000 for some higher-end designs.

Sink– They come in different models such as pedestal, wall hung, etc. the costs range from $60 to $500 depending upon the model. Sink legs and under-mount may cost higher.

Bathtub– The cost may depend upon the size, but the most common alcove bathtub with shower attached comes for around the US $150, you can choose based on the inputs from your designer and as per your liking. If it is a standalone soaking tub then the cost could go up from the US $ 800.

Shower– Showers come in different options, the common ones are those installed with an alcove tub which is around the US $130 or more, the valves involved could also affect the cost, pressure balance valves with alcove showers are priced lower, but if you are looking for a thermostatic valve with stand-alone shower or a hand shower, the cost could be not less than the US $1200.

Tiles– These are equally important to your bathtub as they can single-handedly define the look and feel of the bathroom. What we mean here is, tiles can help you get the look if you are looking for something retro, Victorian, or a spa. Tiles also determine the brightness of the bathroom, you can choose your tiles accordingly and they may cost you starting from the US $1-$100 per sq. ft depending upon the material such as ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone.

Countertops– Countertops come in many options of material and color, and you could match them with the tiles you opt for. Countertops cost from US $4/sq.ft in the case of natural stone. The best bathroom fixtures in Bloomington, IL can work great foryour kitchen.

Lighting– Light and illumination play a very important part in setting up the mood. The way the lighting is arranged with a range of colors, the style of fixtures used, all goes without any further elaboration.


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