Envelopes used to mail are extremely important to note; bills and other communication should be official and of excellent quality. Envelope designs are important in creating the appropriate image, and you may select from various styles. Envelope printing in Kennesaw exclusively uses the highest-quality envelopes simply printing technique to ensure that all of your mail is handled properly.

Specialists provide a special security hue that protects sensitive data from public scrutiny. Save effort while mailing letters, invoices, and other items, you may pre-print and self-addressed envelopes, receive corresponding mailing address tags or customize postage.

Choose your envelope’s printing selections:

  • Flexographic Printing

Like stamps, polymer plates are used in flexographic printing techniques to transmit ink straight to the sheet. The platters are hooked to rollers that take up ink and are set down inside a sequence of little dots on the sheet. The mind and sight are tricked into viewing the dots as entire tone pictures. Flexographic printings are usually done during the envelope production procedure.

  • Lithography Printing

Lithography involves a high-quality offset printmaking method which is done in such an indirect manner. Since the ink is moved, or “offsetting,” from one roller to the next, lithographic printing is often known as offset printing. Photos, halftones, even fine displays all benefit from it. Based on the scale of the run, offset lithography could be conducted on a net or empty press.

Web and Blank envelope conversion presses

Web fed and Blank fed envelopes conversion presses are generally the two most common varieties. During the production procedure, a blank conversion press receives a die-cut sheet within the type of unconverted envelopes, which is subsequently pleated and sealed. Endless rolls of the sheet are sliced, pleated, and glued onto a web conversion press. This is worth noting that printing can take place during the web-fed procedure yet never the blank-fed method.


Envelope fundamentals is a comprehensive tutorial that explains how to choose, test, and buy the correct envelopes for your mailing campaign. Since envelope fundamentals contain valuable ideas for your company or group if you’re an experienced responder or fresh to the postal business.

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