If the flush continues to run in the concealed cistern, the triggering is difficult or the water supply no longer switches off, a look behind the scenes of a wall-mounted installation is necessary. But don’t worry: there is always an access behind the large flush plate, through which all components installed in the concealed cistern can be removed and replaced. So you can home repair services in Dallas, TX the cistern without having to chop off tiles!

How do you repair a cistern?

Admittedly: The toilet flush behind the wall-mounted installation is tight, the components usually just barely fit through the opening. You should also have a torch or headlight ready if you want to repair a concealed cistern .After removing the pusher plate, first take care of turning off the water supply, otherwise flooding could occur while you are repairing the toilet flush. Practical tip: Often you don’t have to dry out the entire bathroom if it leaks in the cistern. Because behind the pusher plate there is always a small tap that separately blocks the water supply for the concealed cistern concerned.

Repair cistern: spare parts

Suitable spare parts for the toilet cistern can be found after determining the manufacturer and the series of the concealed cistern; the relevant information is recorded in the intervention area – if necessary, information on the installed toilet flushing technology can also be found on the individual components. You will find spare parts for products from the DIY store’s own brands in the branch concerned – the suppliers are also often mentioned. In the case of series that are no longer currently sold, you can find out more about products for identical cisterns at the relevant hardware store – it is best to also state the year of installation.

Even if only individual seals actually have to be replaced, a complete replacement can be worthwhile, as newer versions work more trouble-free and more quietly and often only cost slightly more than a seal set. Corresponding sets for exchanging the complete system in the concealed cistern are available in stores.

Cistern: spare parts in stock

It often takes a certain amount of time to procure the parts required to repair the concealed cistern. Therefore, it may be advisable to keep wearing spare toilet flush components in stock.

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