What exactly do they presume while they say “family is almost everything?” the family drama movie’s theme is all one, just like our families. You can like or dislike them, but you can’t just ignore them! Tollywood has a plethora of Telugu Drama Movies to choose from. It’s no wonder that nearly every single movie includes elements of family drama since the family is so deeply embedded in our culture.

Moreover, a few Telugu drama films are based entirely on family troubles. Without a doubt, these films perform exceptionally well at the cinema and indicate box office hits. This is most likely why family drama films in Telugu are among the most popular on Aha. Below are the top 5 Telugu Drama Movies that are available on aha is given.

  1. Maha Manishi – The plot of AHA’s Maha Manishi relies upon Radhakrishnan, an honest auto-rickshaw driver who is happy with his life, wife, and two children. Subsequently, to enhance his children’s education by enrolling them in a private school, he guarantees a real estate businessman, Madhavan (Shaji), that he will assist him in selling all of the plots to his villagers but is duped. The rest of the story tells how he overcomes this disaster.
  1. Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam – Arjun Kumar Allam (Vishwak Sen), the 33-year-old boy next door, is central to the plot. He and his family travel to the village of Ashokapuram for his engagement ceremony with Madhavi (Rukshar Dhillon). However, due to the COVID-19 lockdown, Arjun and his family were stranded in Ashokapuram. The situation motivates Arjun and Madhavi’s families to plan a low-key wedding. Nonetheless, Madhavi walks away with someone because she is in love. The film follows Arjun as he navigates the next set of challenges.Atharintiki Daaredi - Disney+ Hotstar
  1. Atharintiki Daaredi – The man has a mission. Nothing can stand in his way. Nothing, not even his ego. He takes a private plane from Milan, Italy, and lands in Hyderabad. It’s a mission with a personal meaning. It’s not about fighting villains but about stooping to conquer a heart larger than Everest.
  1. Aahvaanam – A man cares about money more so than he values his family; he gets to meet a wealthy woman and approaches her with the intent of gaining more money. When the other lady asks for proof, he tells her he is filed for divorce as well as asks his wife to divorce him.
  1. Seetharamayya Gari Manavaralu – A close-knit Indian village home is shattered once the son gets married to a girl against his father’s wishes. Years later, a grandchild returns to reconcile with her grandparents. She succeeds in gaining their love until the truth is revealed.


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